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About Us | Tideland Gardens

Terms & Conditions

Tideland Gardens is a wholesale nursery only and requires a minimum of 1500$ for all B&B Orders. All companies must show proof of a valid business ID before setting up an account.

All new accounts who have not established terms with Tideland Gardens, Inc, are considered C.O.D.

Terms of NET 30 DAYS from the date of the invoice are available to approved customers. Accounts are considered past due after 30 days and are subject to a finance charge of 2% per month plus the cost of collection, if any. Orders, other than C.O.D., will not be acknowledged or confirmed without a signed credit application on file. All past due accounts will automatically revert to C.O.D. status.

To request a credit application please contact the office at tidelandgardens@gmail.com.

Customers applying for credit should allow 2 weeks for processing. All first time customers are required to pay C.O.D.

Hours of Operation:

Summer Hours

Monday – Thursday 6:00 AM – 3:30 PM Friday 6:00 AM -12:00 PM

Fall & Spring Hours

Monday thru Friday 7:00-4:00


We are happy to arrange delivery of orders to your location or jobsite often in 4-5 days, depending on your location. We have several delivery trucks for all order types. Our freight is based on the size and volume of your order as well as miles traveled with a minimum of $250.00. There will be an additional charge of $75.00 per hour when unloading takes longer than two hours. Customers are required to unload all material.


In order to facilitate the prompt loading of customers upon arrival, please arrange pickup times with the office 2 days before arrival. All pick-ups are first come first serve. Tideland Gardens will not load pick- ups from 11:30- 12:30 PM. Please bring adequate truck coverings when picking up material. Tideland Gardens will not be responsible for the condition of material that is not picked up within 5 days of notice to the customer that the order is ready.

Summer Digging:

Digging outside of the Spring or Fall season involves extra preparation and treatment. Summer digging requires an 15% surcharge for extra watering and care. We ask for at least 10 days to process these orders in the off season to ensure all plants have adequate watering time. All material dug during the off season are dug at customer’s risk.


All claims are expected to be reported by telephone or email within 48 hours of receipt of the plant material in question and a formal claim, in writing, must be presented within 7 days of the receipt of such material in order to constitute a valid claim. All claims for damages and deficiencies must be made in writing and photos.

All orders are booked with the understanding that the customer agrees to the terms and conditions stated above.


If you would like to visit or book a tour please contact the office in advance for an appointment at tidelandgardens@gmail.com.